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Meet Me.

Hi!  I'm Kara a 40-something entrepreneur dedicated to helping other busy women enhance their personal style through creativity, art, and fashion in order to look great and feel fabulous.  I want to help women regain their sense of self amidst the chaos of "adulting" and also minimize the amount of time it takes to get ready each day through versatility, functionality, and creativity.  I truly believe that women should support women; therefore, I do my best at sourcing products are from women owned wholesalers who strive to create beautiful, quality pieces that we hope will enhance your life and make you feel special.  I create the jewelry and accessories to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience and offer up Seint Beauty makeup to help women safe time and enhance their natural inner beauty.  All-in-all, I want to help women feel like their best selves, save them time and money, and have fun along the way!  Thanks for being here with me and supporting my BIG dream.

Kara Ferrin

Owner. Stylist. Artist.

I'm a married "boy mom" who loves all things fashion, color, and fun!  I was a dancer for 18 years, a photography/marketing major in college, was a freelance portrait photographer, spent 14 years managing restaurants, and recently taught high school photography for 8 years.  My years in the arts, design, restaurants, and teaching have taught me some very valuable lessons that I am able to bring to our boutique to create an exceptional experience to you ladies.   I've always loved fashion, teaching people new things, and connecting with friends new and old.  

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